Film Reels

Film & TV

Longitude Aviation prides itself on offering first class service and experience to the film & television industry. Longitude's owner Karl Kimber has extensive experience and has personally supported production companies from filming scenes at 38,000ft to transporting film crew to the Arctic Circle - he has seen it all!

Longitude Aviation is able to support your production whether it's an aircraft for filming or transporting a crew and gear to location. 

Charter ​

Charter can be a cost effective way to move your team to location especially if you need to take large amounts of equipment. Whether you need a helicopter, private jet or larger aircraft, we can support you:​

  • Production Team & Cargo Charters

  • Cargo only charters

  • VIP Travel  

  • Unusual charters including on board filming

Film Crew

Filming ​

If you require an aircraft for filming Longitude Aviation has strong relationships with many airlines and can help you to capture the scene that you need:  

  • Guidance & advice on types of aircraft

  • Sourcing of aircraft to suit your requirements 

  • Facilitating aircraft "recce" visits 

  • Airport filming at Stansted via Location Stansted